Infographic on 5-second rule

Infographic on 5-second rule: food dropped on the ground will not be significantly contaminated with bacteria if it is picked up within five seconds of being dropped is it 5 or 2 or 10 seconds? is it true ? .50% men,70% woman 1 sec :150 - one min: 80k,93% shoes are contain facal bacteria Touch: contact with no distance, electrons never touch, they are waves ( some more chemistry)

Infographic on what can we do without a brain

Infographic on what can we do without a brain:decapitation:no-header,Adeposine Triphosphate(ATP)

Infographic on Storage classes in C Programming

Infographic on Storage classes in C: Auto variable , Static variable , Register variable , Global variable , Garbage value , block scope and function lifetime , extern

Infographic on weight of shadow

Infographic on weight of shadow

Infographic on internet weight

Infographic on internet weight: Internet contain n/w of servers:75-100 million(350-550 watts each) total: 40billion wattss or 40GW .If anything filled with full of books it gain 10^-18 grams weight Internet contain 5millionTB information(google index only 0.004% information) (Doubling every 5 years)

Infographic on how tall can we build

Infographic on How tall can we build Burj khalifa(dubai), taipei(509 mts high), guangzhou Tv tower(china), chrylser building(newyork) lincoln cathedral(Engaland),pyramids of giza was 14 mts high, space elevator, philip ragan

Infographics on inventors killed by their own inventions

Hendry smolinksi invented :Mizar(flying car) , Hendry winstanley invented:Eddystone lighthouse, Otto lillienthal invented :(Glider), William bullock(Rotary printing press).Alexander bogdanov(blood transfusion) ,Horace Hunley(submarine), Thomas midgley jr(bed lift to aid the diaabled), Li-si(five pains method of torture, Franz reichlt(parachute suit),Marie curie(discovering radium and polonium)

Infographic on Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Infographic on Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,President of South Africa,pro-apartheid,philanthropist

Infographic Operating system process states

Infographic Operating system process states, new, ready, running, terminate, block, suspend block, suspend ready

sliding window protocol infographic

Queuing delay Processing delay Transmission delay Propagration delay RoundTripTime(RTT) TimeOut(TO) Cummulative acknowledgement Independent acknowledgement Piggy_banking